Conversational marketing

Conversational marketing is customer focused using dialogue as an approach to marketing. It has become quite a popular strategy for increasing customer engagement, improving customer experience through the funnel and definitely growing revenue! If you want to find out the power of real-time conversations and why it’s so important in 2021, then keep reading!!

Every brand wants to build relationships and create unique experiences with its consumers and conversational marketing can help to do so while converting leads, how exciting! In general people love communicating through messages because it’s fast, easy and is like having an in-person conversation. So clearly it’s not a surprise that consumers want to use this to communicate with their brand of choice. Live chat, chatbots and messaging apps are being enabled on websites to create these personalised conversations.

Make it easier for your consumer to chat with your brand and definitely increase response time…engage leads through chat services rather than the tedious process of filling out forms. You can even send targeted messages once they land on your website instead of waiting for them to initiate the conversation. It’s all about making it smooth and easy for your consumer through the funnel. Program your bot in such a way that it helps connect to the sales team with instant bookings or enquiries therefore optimising your process leading to higher conversions for your brand. Let’s get chatting!