Move towards carbon neutral

In these times of climate change, many companies are recognizing their social responsibility and have decided to become carbon-neutral. Several big companies have pledged to remove all its historical carbon emissions by 2050. It’s good news for the planet. But where do companies that are not globe-spanning multinationals fit in?
The process is the same regardless of the size of the organization: understand your carbon footprint by measuring your emissions; set an ambition, such as being net-zero or carbon negative; and take action even in small steps to reduce and those emissions. More than a fifth (21%) of consumers would pay more for brands that label their products, according to a study from The Carbon Trust. Almost half (47%) are more likely to choose low carbon labelled goods over non-labelled. Hundreds of businesses from different sectors and sizes are working on becoming carbon-neutral. Some have decided to cut back on unnecessary air travel, embracing digital advertising only, avoiding any traditional marketing media. Majority of companies consider energy procurement as an opportunity to reduce risk, increase brand value and understand their supply chain at a deeper level. For brands it’s about adopting an approach where every little step counts and the sum of these parts is what will create a change. Huckster has taken the first step and by 2024 we aim to be carbon-neutral, when are you taking yours?