Sense of mission marketing

Sense-of-Mission Marketing is a marketing principle that implies that an organization’s mission should be defined in such a way that it has a broader social context rather than being purely product oriented. It is people’s emotional connection to the company’s objective. As a result of this approach, a new generation of activist entrepreneurs has emerged, who are essentially trained business managers with a feeling of social duty and a passion for a greater cause. 

This can be incorporated into a brand’s marketing strategy, by reaching and connecting with your customers’ in a more meaningful and in-depth manner. This kind of branding will help establish a lasting image in the minds of consumers as their choice of brand is working for more than just profits. Customer value can provide insight into buyer’s remorse, as they will regret their purchase if they believe the entire cost outweighs the advantages. It can be said that values are viewed as the most important part of a sense of mission because it is through values that individuals feel emotional about their organizations. The underlying mission of customer value marketing is to portray the brand’s sense-of-mission in terms of their product or service, because organization values are rarely explicit, the individual senses them through the company’s behaviour. 

Despite possessing the sense of social responsibility, businesses must use innovative marketing techniques to portray their sense-of-mission. Extensive research and a good understanding of your target audience can help tackle this. Your marketing or advertising strategy should be convincing yet transparent to your customers in order to achieve the purpose of this technique.  

Defining a business’ mission in broad social terms impacts more than just their customers. Employees too will develop clarity in work and their sense of direction. Work assists an individual in achieving something that is personally meaningful to him or her and thus provides intrinsic satisfaction. Brands that are tied to a broader mission can benefit both the brand and the consumers in the long term.