Visual Search

Life is so much easier when you can click a picture of something to find out what it is rather than having to text search right? Who agrees? 

The exasperation one feels when they must search for something but don’t know how to describe it! Well life is much easier now with visual search. Brands like Google, Bing and Yahoo have adopted visual search technology and has started to climb its way up to one of the top digital marketing trends. For example, you are out observing nature, come across an outfit or product you like, all you must do is a snap a picture to find a retailer! Sometimes words fail us when we are trying to accurately describe the thing we see. It’s important to understand how important SEO is in visual search marketing the file names, alt-tags and titles should all contain keywords to increase visibility. The demographic is slowly demanding this technology and so far, the statistical success has been impeccable. The future is visual!